2016 Promo Tape

by No Time

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From Upcoming 12" on Six Feet Under Records & Phobiact Records


released December 3, 2015



all rights reserved


No Time Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Anti-Social Today
I'm giving up on today
Aint nothing gonna go my way
Damned if I do, damned if I don't
You say it's gonna get better, it fucking won't
I just wanna be left alone
I'd be better off just staying at home
Even the simplest things seem so involved
I just wanna say fuck it all

I'm anti-social
Just stay away
I'm anti-social
Anti-social today

Can't get this monkey off my back
I'm a loose cannon, about to snap
There's too much pressure, too much stress
My life's in shambles, my heads a mess
Got no hope, I'm at the end of my rope
The week just started and I'm already broke
Walk down the street with violent thoughts in my head
Today the only thing I'm seeing is red

I'm anti-social today
Track Name: No Enemies
Sheep in wolves clothing
All bark no bite
Ass full of splinters
It serves you right
Say one thing then do the opposite
Loud, proud, and full of shit

Fence sitter
Neutral scum
No enemies?
You just made one

Go along to get along
Tell me what I wanna hear
You've got fuck all to say and
Your saying it loud and clear
Got no stance, got no spine
Waste of breath, waste of time
Track Name: You'll Get Yours
He's a career politician, he ain't new to the game
He lies to the people who gave him his name
He's the boss and says he's for the working man
But then he ships the jobs off to foreign lands

There's no remorse, there's no excuse
The pain you've caused will come back to you
You'll get yours

He's the frat boy creep living on your street
He treats women like they're just a piece of meat
He's a pedophile scumbag, a real sick fuck
And the church he works for is gonna cover it up

A fate you can't outrun
A debt to be paid for the things you've done
It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when
You'll fucking get yours in the end

You'll get yours