No Time 7"

by No Time

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released December 9, 2013



all rights reserved


No Time Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: City Dyin'

Constant state of paranoia
Violence on every corner
Bastards in blue beat up a kid for fun
Carbon monoxide fills your lungs
Living one paycheck from the street
The rent is paid, but now you can’t eat
Cameras watching everything you do
Jeffery Romoff we’re coming for you!

This city will be the death of me
Concrete, steel, and no sympathy
The ruling class sharpen their claws and teeth
There’s no trust, there’s no fucking peace

There’s no justice to be found
Bullshit is the only thing that seems to trickle down
The heat is here the kids want adventure
No time boys will never surrender!
Another tragedy on the evening news
Another dog day afternoon
The American dream: a carrot on a stick
A wrecking ball should do the trick

The city walls are closing in
Depression tightens its grip
So many sink and never swim
City livin’ is a myth
Track Name: Cutthroat

It’s a vicious cutthroat society
The golden rule: those with the gold rule
One man’s fortune is another man’s misery
It’s just business as usual

Cause you’re a cutthroat – lie, cheat, fuck
You’re a cutthroat – Too much is not enough
You’re a cutthroat – No one is safe
When there’s money to be made

Eight hours a day we run in place
The bossman’s got a big smile on his face
With buckling knees and a broken back
We line his pockets and he throws us scraps
There aint’ nothing he won’t do
To make a buck off of you

Cause he’s a cutthroat – lie, cheat, fuck
He’s a cutthroat – too much is not enough
He’s a cutthroat – no one is safe
When there’s money to be made

Chase the dollar and never stop
To think of those you’ve trampled to reach the top

You’re a cutthroat
Track Name: Headache

You say this, you say that
You state your opinion as if it we’re fact
You talk the loudest, but no ones keeping score
I’ve got a headache and I can’t take it no more

Headache, when I hear you talk
Headache, will it ever stop?
Headache, day after day
Headache, won’t go away

Another day, another mess
Authority figures breathing down my neck
Idiots telling me what I should be
But what you call living aint’ fucking for me

Headache, when I hear you talk
Headache, will it ever stop?
Headache, day after day
Headache, get the fuck away

I’m so sick
Sick of this fucking shit
Track Name: Reprobate

You don’t care about your place in the social order
Cause you could never relate
You’ll never back down you’re an urban warrior
You’ve been labeled reprobate

Treated like a second class citizen
You always lose they always win
Society got your back up to a wall
Rules and regulations you wanna smash em’ all

Trapped in a society you hate
Like a caged animal you’ve got no escape

Politicians and preachers
Sinners and saints
Don’t know what you are
Just know what you aint’
Track Name: Perpetual War

The threat of war never goes away
Insane leaders plot doomsday
Corporate cronies cash in on death
With the push of a button nothing’s fucking left

Perpetual war
Perpetual war
We’re living in a state of perpetual war

Just as one war ends another begins
Psychopaths in power are gonna do us in
War on the TV, war in your head
Terror level fucking red

Perpetual war
Perpetual war
We’re living in a state of perpetual war

Will you be cannon fodder for the next world war?
Track Name: Warpath

You’re born and it’s all laid out for you
Grow up, fall in line, do what your parents do
You routed your escape; they said it’s just a phase
And that you’ll snap out of it and join the rat race
That first record hit like a ton of bricks
You’ve been on the warpath ever fucking since

We’re on the warpath we’re on the move
Nothing to lose but the shine on our boots
We’re on the warpath and we will never learn
We just want to watch this city burn

We’re gonna raise hell gonna scream and shout
Amps up to eleven to drown you out
There’s a constant ring inside my head
Sleep on the floor not in a bed
Deathtrap on wheels get us to the next town
So we can burn that fucker to the ground

We’re on the warpath…